The notice of Software Upgrade micro and small businesses annonced to develop their skills in the new markets of the Operational Programme EP Competitiveness – Entrepreneurship – Innovation ESPA 2014-2020

The program ‘Towards micro & small enterprises to develop their skills to new markets, “part of the Operational Program” Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, Innovation (Restart) “of ESPA 2014-2020 and its main objective to upgrade the level of business organization and operation of SMEs in eight (8) strategic areas of the country, so they are to realize their competitive advantages by improving their position in national and international markets.

The strategic priority areas are: food processing / Food Industry Cultural and Creative Industries (BAP), Materials / Construction, Logistics, Energy, Environment, Information and Communication Technology ICT, Health.

Businesses will be strengthened in order to be upgraded by increasing investment in technological and commercial modernization, adoption of ICT, increasing the degree of standardization and certification of products, developing quality integrated services, improve the quality of the products and services. Simultaneously with the transfer of technology and expertise is expected to strengthen the capacity of the production potential and to achieve the increased competitiveness of MMEs.

The program is financed by the total amount of 130.000.000 € (public expenditure) and will be implemented through two (2) notice cycles (1st cycle 2016: 60% and 2nd cycle 2016: 40%).

This program of the first cycle is funded with a total amount of € 78 million. (Public expenditure).