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Cold Rooms

AMP Industry manufactures top quality Cold Rooms using German raw materials as well as the German expertise. Our top quality Cold Rooms are appliable to all types of enterprises, industries such as food storing units, meat producing industries, dairies, fruit packaging, pharmaceutical industries or for personal usage. They can be either chillers or freezers and they can be manufactured according to your preferable dimensions. The frigo doors used in the cold rooms, are being produced in our factory in Kryoneri Attica, using top quality materials.
The panels that we use for cold rooms stand out for their three thermal barriers whose side joints can sustain the produced energy (freeze) and their holhlkammer profile (HKP) which builds into the panel in the form of a longitudinal flange seals the joints airproof and covers the grooves according to the directions of the EU. The Ems-ThyssenKrupp panels are manufactured: according to the specifications of the Berlin Polytechnic University by DIN, German Thyssen steel sheets, Bayer German Polyurethane, offering the largest 15% -20% usable volume space and they are No 1 in sales in the countries of the European Union for their quality, technology, economy and life span.
Why AMP?
Because why guarrantee tha the cold room will be SEALED, being constructed with high accuracy machines, where the required dimensions of the room are defined via computer, and a full check takes place in our facilities before loading. A test of the cold room according to DIN means that the thermal losses are zero.



Cold Rooms Technical Data

The polyurethane panels are connected sealed with three thermal barriers with the German snap-in-system. The kunststoff profiles, that cover the narrow sides of the panels and cut the thermal bridges, connect the side panels with the floor and the ceiling. Four angle panels of strong construction that ease the connection of the sides as if it was a straight line. Compliance with HACCP regulation. Big saving of electrical energy.

Reinforced marine plywood from Finland with phenolic anti-slip coating of 9mm thickness. It is being used from all the european factories, with double value of the inox that is recommended only for the acids and salts. Very strong with resistance to static loads of 2 tons/m².

The panels seal tightly with EMS-elast at the connections with special sealing flanges, perimetrically at the ceiling and the floor. As a result, the air can’t pass through the connection and corrode the polyurethane – ensured cooling energy.

The panels are coated with german ThyssenKrupp german steel sheets. Polyurethane insulation from BAYER Germany, with maximum thermal insulating ability.

PUR thickness 60mm of thermal insulating ability up to -18 °C.
PUR thickness 80mm of thermal insulating ability up to -25 °C.
PUR thickness 100mm of thermal insulating ability up to -32 °C.
PUR thickness 120mm of thermal insulating ability up to -40 °C.
PUR thickness 140mm of thermal insulating ability up to -45 °C.

Frame from reinforced thick PVC in angle shape of German design covers all the thickness of the panel and is installed with the CPR system in 5 minutes with HACCP standards. PVC does not compacts humidity that drips water like aluminum, that is not recommended for door frame. Hinged and sliding doors of German technology in all dimensions with modern mechanisms.

The dimensions of the cold rooms are expandable by 30 cm at the length and width. Special dimensions available without extra cost. Study, design and specifications according to DIN from the Polytechnic University of Berlin. As a result, with the introduction of German technology, the modern industrial equipment and the experience of over 45 years, our products are at the top of european technology, and they combine reliability, long lifespan, energy saving and best quality at low prices.