Single Leaf Clean Room Door

Single Leaf Clean Room Door from AMP.

Applications: pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, clinics, clean rooms, surgeries, food preparation workshops.
Certified antibacterial coating for clean room doors

The Single Leaf Clean Room Door for sanitary applications carry a special coating film with antibacterial properties.
An antibacterial action is activated on environmental conditions that usually favor the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and algae. This antimicrobial coating has a dual effect, prevents the growth of microbes and fights those that may have been created.
The steel sheets with polyester coating with antibacterial properties, offer long-term protection and hygiene, even in places where cleaning is not guaranteed. The coating of clean room doors offers proven effectiveness against different types of bacteria such as staphylococcus, salmonella, escherichia coli, listeria etc.
They are certified specifically for food with the Certificate of EU Food Contact Compliance 2002/72 / EC.

Special rubber gasket for clean room doors
In order to meet the specifications for clean room doors, for areas for the manufacturing of drugs, surgeries, hospitals the gap between the door and the floor should be sealed, preventing the transportation of air, smoke, dust and sound.
It includes an aluminum profile guide, EPDM rubber (resistant to temperatures from – 35 ° to + 90 °) and supporting materials well reinforced to withstand more than 200,000 door openings-closings.
The mechanism works with a switch which regulates the movement of the profile with the rubber, thus adapting to the floor every time you open and close the door.


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