PVC Curtain

PVC curtains MOD CRTN are used for partitions on Industry, food storage, food preparation workshops, pallet trucks – forklifts entrances, refrigeration doors. They help to protect your space from dust, insects, odors, the difference of temperatures.
With every pvc curtain we give you the necessary certification of material that is required.

• Transparent P.V.C. strip curtains very soft and resistant, especially for low temperatures.
• Easy installation in 3´.
• Big saving of electrical energy up to 95%, with the opening of the cold room door.
• Refrigeration machine without damages.
• Special reinforced suspension base from ABS with hooks.
• Overlap of each strip 45 mm.
• Three different widths-thicknesses:
a. 200 mm x 2 mm
b. 300 mm x 3 mm
c. 400 mm x 4 mm.
• Smooth surface or with ribbed stripes on both sides for bigger heights.
• They do not contain harmful plasticizers DOHP/DEHP FREE.
• Available also in insect repellent version.
• Every strip curtain exceeds the door opening by 10 cm in width and 8 cm in height.


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