PVC Curtain for Trucks

AMP industry exclusively provides the PVC strip curtain system for trucks. Installing PVC curtains inside the truck, can be very useful for the owner due to the fact that it assists in order to achieve the maximum freezing and save energy and money.

The curtain mounting system can whether be stable or sliding, depending on the requirements. More specific, we can choose the sliding system when we want better access and faster loading and unloading during the product delivery, when the truck is loaded with cargo. If the truck has two air-coolers then we can divide the space with a transparent curtain inside the truck. Furthermore, there is the option to use hand break to move back and forward the curtain system in the main truck and lock automatically in any point of the trolley.

The most significant advantage of using the sliding guides is that the truck owner can choose to refrigerate only the part of the bus that he wants to be refrigerated, saving therefore energy and most important, money. The key of this technique is that every time a part of the cargo is unloaded, the space that has to be refrigerated is decreasing. Consequently, the efficiency is increasing, energy is saving and the operating costs are decreasing.

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