Inox Sliding Double Leaf Door

MOD S808TP2-S809TP2-S809TL2-S812TXL2-S812TXXL2

AMP Industry exclusively produces stainless steel double leaf sliding cold storage doors MOD S808TP2 – S809TP2 – S809TL2 – S812TXL2 – S812TXXL2. The sliding doors can be used when the opening is bigger than 1,20m, when pallet trucks – clarks enter the cold room and in cases that the personnel has to open the doors very often. They are perfect for industries large cargo and in facilities where the continuous opening the door is required. The specifications and the manufacturing method applied make them ideal for food industries such as fruit packaging units, meat industries, dairies, logistics and more. The stainless steel double leaf sliding cold storage doors by amp are divided in categories depending on the temperature required. They can be installed in both chiller and freezer rooms.

MOD S808TP2 up to 0° C
MOD S809TP2 up to -2° C
MOD S809TL2 up to -25° C
MOD S812TXL2 up to -30° C
MOD S812TXXL2 up to -40° C

Additional Information:
– Stainless steel angle – shaped frame, reinforced from the inside with heavy duty, robust PVC, with modern German design and high mechanical strength.
– Standard door leaf with Polyurethane insulation supplied from BAYER of density 42 kg/m³. Door surface made from German stainless steel sheets 304 or inox with circular design.
– Slide mechanism of modern design, exceptional sliding properties. Very soft closing and easy disengagement. Slide mechanism cover made from Stainless steel 304 or inox with circular design.
– Standard stainless steel 304 side panel, adapted to panels. It ensures perfect adhension at the gaskets, without extra components on the floor.
– External shutter Inox 304 of modern design, extra heavy duty lever.
– Border gaskets, insulating properties with Beehive cells and perfect adhesion, and with door heating element installed for the defrosting.

Five (5) year guarantee is included in the prices.



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