Inox Double Leaf FF PU Door

Stainless steel flip – flap doors MOD SFFPU2 of double leaf with BAYER Germany polyurethane insulation, free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC & HCFC FREE), with sound insulation and thermal insulation properties.

The thickness of the door is 40mm, and the door surface is made from German steel sheets Stainless steel 304 or inox with circular design.

A special insulating EPDM rubber with excellent grip is placed on the outer perimeter of the door. Another special rubber is placed at the middle of the two leaves that allows the correct opearation of the door, adhesion between the leaves and offers finger protection.

It is adapted to the panel with a stainless steel angle – shaped frame, reinforced from the inside with heavy duty, robust PVC, with modern German design and high mechanical strength, embracing solidly the panel on which the leaves of the door are mounted. They open inside-out and close immediately “after passing”, blocking the passage of insects, dust, odors & other and they remain open to 90 degrees angle.

Each door has fixed oval porthole mounted and has special protection ails (bumpers) from polyethylene, under the porthole, inside – out. This material is extremely resistant to impact and to grease and acids and is of modern design and aesthetics.


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