Fire Rated Sliding Door


Fire Rated Sliding Door offer the safest solution to the cold storage doors, providing protection from the fire for more than 60 minutes. They are constructed with high technology fireproof materials and they bear CE EN 1634-1 certification, in order to ensure fire safety.

Fire Rated Sliding Door Specs

– Door leaf thickness 120mm providing insulation for low temperature freezer and positive temperature chiller doors.
– Galvanized sheet is used with external foodsafe antibacterial plastisol coating (250ìm).
– Non – flammable materials providing fire endurance up to 60min.
– Inside the door high tech materials are combined with non flammable polyurethane according to DIN 4102-1.
– Heating elements are used inside the frame and inside the threshold in freezer door.
– Insulated frame with high-tech materials made of Stainless steel 304 (sheet metal thickness 1,5mm).
– Stainless steel 304 sheet metal sliding guide fabrication (sheet metal thickness 2mm).
– Electronic accessories current at 12-24V.
– In case of fire, the door is automatically closed by autoclose mechanism, fire tested for use on fire protection sliding doors. Damper is used to ensure extra safety.
– Stainless steel heavy duty external and internal handle.
– Stainless steel wheels and brackets.
– Stainless steel sliding rail.


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