Fast Roll Door


Fast Roll Door by AMP.

The fast roll doors can offer an ideal solution to separate areas and departments, commercial and industrial buildings with wind resistance Class 3. They are made of metal, with a transverse at the top and aligned winding shaft side bearings. The metal structure is supported by vertical columns and with the beading guides, made from high molecular density polizene, self-lubricating and ideal for the sliding of the hinges.

The German origin polyester fabric coated with PVC, with strong resistance, weight 1300gr / m² and thickness 1,3mm, self-extinguishing Class 2 EN ISO 2060, made to withstand temperatures from +70 °C to – 10 °C. The PVC fabric is available in a variety of colors, including portholes at eye level of the average man, made of transparent crystal material with radiation protection in case a wireless sensor is positioned at the lower end. This new technology absolves us from internal horizontal metal bars.

Fats Roll Door Move

The movement of the winding axis is via a three-phase motor 380 V – 50 Hz as standard IP 55 CE, with gearmotor and electrical brakes suitable for continuous use, 220 V power supply with inverter with multiple settings (such as the speed of opening and / or closing, the possibility of partial opening, the slowdown at the end of the route in the opening and / or closing, the time setting of automatic closing, etc.).

The settings are made via a handy microcomputer in a few seconds- and not manually and mechanically- with repeated testing, until the desired result.
The maximum opening speed is 2,5 m/sec (adjustable by choice).

The fast-roll doors are automatically repositionable drivers, so in case of a possible accidental collision, the fabric comes out from the side guides and when the winding starts, it reenters the drivers without any outside intervention.


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