Double Leaf Service Door


Double Leaf Service Door from AMP S.A.

– Double leaf service doors with German polyurethane insulation thickness of 40 mm, made from galvanized steel sheets with 200ìm with special plastisol coating, standard lock & – stainless steel U-shape handle.
– Aluminum frame and counter frame system in Ð-shape for panel or wall thicknesses of 60mm up to 140 mm.
– Modern construction & aesthetic, is an advantage of service doors as well as hygienic surfaces with no spaces for dust & microbes to form.
– Amp sound & thermal insulated doors suitable for offices, food preparation areas, locker rooms, WC, laboratories, warehouses, industry etc.
– Possibility of construction of any dimension requested, with or without window with internal protection bar and immediate delivery.

Double Leaf Service Door is used in areas with a positive temperature (therefore T>0°C), to:
• divide areas for the drugs processing, or areas for the blood processing and freezing in offices
• divide noisy areas (soundproof door) from the ones that must be deafened (for example in hospitals)
• divide cold areas (thermo-insulating door) from the ones used as offices
• divide projecting areas from the one used as offices, for example in the Communication and IT industry
• divide hygienic areas (toilettes, showers) from the dressing room

The service doors are being manufactured and tested before shipment by industrial refrigeration manufacturer AMP at its own facilities (16.000 m²) in Kryoneri Attica Greece.


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