Cold Room Panels


The Panels are sandwich type with polyurethane core or PIR core, assembled with simple way. They are connected with three heat dams to seal effectively “holding” the cooling.
Polyurethane panels for cold rooms are coated with white steel sheets, RAL 9002, with antitoxic polyester coating and protective FOIL.
Upon request, there is the possibility at the external side bear to be vertical ribbed for greater mechanical strength. There is also option for inox 304 surface for both sides of the panel or for one side only.
For insulation of the panels, hard polyurethane foam is used with ëR = 0,022 W/mk and density 42 kgr/m³, a three times insulating capacity of other insulation materials, and non flammable.
The polyurethane is poured into heated press under 400 tons of pressure, and the inner walls of the sheet steel are sprayed automatically with adhesive, so that the detachment is impossible (patent of factory).
The electronic control of the standards of panels to material ratios, pressures, times, humidities, mixing temperatures and shaping of the sheet steel ensure:
• Maximum thermal insulation coefficient.
• Stable quality and impermeability.
• Light panel with high mechanical strength.
• Dimensional accuracy to millimeter.
• Precedence to perfection and technology.


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