Cold Room Chiller

cold room chiller

The AMP Cold Room Chiller is manufactured in our Industry in Kryoneri Industrial Area of Athens with highly accurate latest technology machinery.
They are air-tight for maximum economy on energy. Certified with CE 89/106 EN13241-1 (EN 89/106 / EK).

• The panels are connected sealed with three thermal barriers with the German snap-in-system.
• Ôhe kunststoff profiles, that cover the narrow sides of the panels and cut the thermal bridges, connect the side panels with the floor and the ceiling.
• Four angle panels of strong construction that ease the connection of the sides as if it was a straight line.
• The panels seal tightly at the connections with special sealing flanges from neoprene, perimetrically at the ceiling and the floor. Ensured cooling energy.
• Steel sheets lining of 0,55 mm thickness, with polyester anti-toxic coating NSF and protective foil.
• There is option for Inox 304 panel surface for both inside and outside of the panel, or for one of the sides (customer`s choice).
• Polyurethane insulation from BAYER Germany, with ëR = 0,022 W/mk and density 42 – 45 kgr/m³.
• Frame from reinforced thick PVC in angle shape of German design covers all the thickness of the panel and is installed with the CPR system in 5 minutes with HACCP standards.
• Hinged and sliding doors of German technology in all dimensions with modern mechanisms.
• The dimensions of the cold rooms are expandable by 50 cm at the length and width. Special dimensions available without extra cost.
• Every freezer room is equipped with electric decompression valve.
• Study, design and specifications according to DIN from the Polytechnic University of Berlin.
• Compliance with HACCP regulation. Big saving of electrical energy.


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