Hinged Door Shutters

Cold rooms doors safety handles
We stock large inventories of all cold rooms doors safety handles and shutters as well as all accessories and part.
Safety release in ensured from the inside of the cold room walk-in chiller-freezer even if door is locked according to European Law UNI EN179.

Delivery to our clients is immediate by courier.
Please order parts of walk in freezer or chller doors by code according to the codes you can se below. You can order either external or internal cold room door handle.

They are tested for 200.000 openings. They are certified according to CE ЕН 170 / 200.
They are heavy duty (for hinged doors they bear 200kg and for sliding doors 800kg )
Frigo doors shutters have 5 years guarantee. They are adjusted to door thickness 40 – 200 mm, and to avoid any misplace they have 6mm margin for proper adjustment