Accessories for cold rooms and storage doors


  • Seals for Cold Room Doors soft for perfect sealing made of caouthcouk. We offer a variery of seals and aluminum bases for fitting any cold room door model (new or older) made from all factories.
  • Hinges certified for cold rooms doors and flip flap polyethylene doors. They have been tested at millions of cycles of openings. (Available are all types even from older models.)
  • Compensation Valves
    The purpose of using compensation valves at cold rooms is to maintain the internal and external pressure balanced. The pressure variations periodically occur during the different defrosting phases and during the opening & closing of the cold room door.
    The lack of a compensating valve installation may cause the following problems:
    • quick door opening resulting in deterioration of the stored products
    • crackings in coincidence of the panel connections and consequent frosting.
    The valves are supplied in three different models:
    up to 30m3 – up to 50m3 – up to 120m3
  • ELECTRIC RESISTANCES are being used at cold rooms doors, on the door leaf for temperatures up to -280C  and at an aluminium profile at the frame of the door for temperatures up to -400C  . They are 30 OHM/m and they can be cut at any length.
  • Special items of shape Π or Γ or F for mounting of the panels.
  • Mounting system of the panels from the top.
  • Cold room floor resistances
  • Stailness steel hooks for butceries