Cold rooms’ and doors maintenance


Dear partners,

Regarding the beginning of the summer, our company, American Motors Pilalis, would like to draw your attention to the importance of the good maintenance of the cold room and the machines that come with it.

During the summer, companies that are associated with tourism, such as hotel units, beach bars, but also butcheries, cheese producers and super markets especially on islands, can bring up various needs considering cold rooms, starting from the replacement of a handle to the installation of a cold room machine.

It is our duty to stand by the side of the customer, so that we can serve him at once and so that he will be absolutely pleased from our cooperation.

Another point that needs to be shed some light and be reminded every time given the chance is energy efficiency, that can be achieved via the correct maintenance, keeping always in mind that the customer has a state of the art cold room, which has been manufactured from our company, American Motors Pilalis, with mm precision and with solid polyourethane panel corners, with specifications that do not vary at all froma cold room manufactured in Central Europe, at very low prices, due to the greek financial downturn.

Therefore, the customer can save money from the electricity invoices, which is one of the greatest burdens of a business nowadays and is everywhere, whether in Greece or not, getting more and more expensive.

Finally, with the right maintenance and function, both of the cold room and of the machinery of it, we achieve two goals:

First, that the business is run properly, so that the end customer receives his product fresh, through the continuous operation of the cold room.

Secondly, that we have in our hands a system that is environmental friendly having zero cooling losses and the least possible operation of the machine.


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